In the City and surrounding areas of Sagaku the nightmare of many has come to life. The Earths final remaining survivors strive to survive in a morbid world where the dead walk the streets and the living struggle to live on...
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 Sakari Asher

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Sakari Asher


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PostSubject: Sakari Asher   Wed May 28, 2008 1:16 am

Name: Sakari Asher

Nickname: Kari

Age: 17

Sex: Female

Location Before the outbreak : Military base

Occupation: Fighting and waiting for orders.

Living Family/Friends: Sakari holds no true friends or close family members besides “The Leader“. The only things she loves is her two silver Desert Eagles and a particular strange custom made katana.

Short History: Sakari grew up with “The Leader” and a group of 400 other children. All dressed the same, all treated the same, all trained the same.

Before the Center, she could recall nothing. No parents, no friends, no schooling. Only the training that was offered to all of the “chosen children“. While in the center she was simply known as “E.N352”. All the children had a similar number at the Center and everyone was forced in to the same type of advance military training and specialization. The matter of weakness was never allowed and thus the children quickly learned to be cold towards each other. Sakari understood this, and so she was striven to stay away from the friends that might soon turn to be her enemy.

After years of practice and vigorous training only 7 of the 400 remained. Sakari being one of them. All seven were given names and all were assigned to foster parents, handed their specialty weapons, and were instructed to live until “further instruction.”

Sakari was taken in by the military Asher Family from America. In an attempt to please her leaders she did as she was told. Placing her acting skills and smarts to work as she became the “perfect“ daughter for Captain Asher and his beloved wife.

When the Infection hit, she had expected to receive orders from the Center but none ever came. The military base she had called her home for a year and a half was quickly being infiltrated by the terrible creatures. Sakari would have waited for further instructions, she would have loved to remain the magnificent soldier she had been brought up to be, but instinct told her other wise. No one had ever seen her abilities, no one would have believed that the punky, slightly strange girl would have possessed such abilities. The sword had struck down with unbelievable speed, and so too had the bullets flown and caught their targets dead center in the head.

After the blood shed Sakari was the only one standing. Trembling hands held the katana in a last form of defense before she took flight and ran, ran as far away as she could from all the terror that had been created around her.

Now she finds herself roaming the remains of a large city, searching for any other survivors.

Weapons: Two silver Desert Eagles, which were handed to her by “The leader” and a katana with the “No mistake” words carved in to it.


Current Location: Military base

Anything Else: Slightly a loner. PTS. Has a mastery of most weaponry but her specialty are both the katana and the Magnums she holds dear.

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PostSubject: Re: Sakari Asher   Sat May 31, 2008 3:58 am

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Sakari Asher
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