In the City and surrounding areas of Sagaku the nightmare of many has come to life. The Earths final remaining survivors strive to survive in a morbid world where the dead walk the streets and the living struggle to live on...
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 Riley Simmons

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PostSubject: Riley Simmons   Wed May 28, 2008 1:42 pm

Blue haired guy on the right.

Name: Riley Simmons

Nickname: Riley

Age: 20

Sex: Male

Location Before the outbreak : At home.

Occupation: College student

Living Family/Friends: Father

Short History: At the age of 7, both of his parents divorced to live on separate ends of the spectrum. His father, moving out into the hillside, decided he would take main custody (after grueling court costs) until Riley was old enough to make his own decision. His father was a natural survivalist, so many of the things Riley had to gain to eat was to hunt for wild game in their expansive 35 acre forest. During the time he was out in the hills, he was able to learn to hunt, shoot, and clean certain animals. He never hunted for the game or the trophy prize, he only hunted for what he needed. Nevertheless, his father home schooled him at the rate what would be considered faster than a normal child. Being able to read 8th grade books at 8 years old is what gave way to the father having main custody. At the age of ten years old, he mastered the art of 22 rifle up to 100 yards. A crack shot at the age of ten did not sit well with the mother who was slowly gaining in the ever lasting lawsuit for the main custody strife.

With a Private investigator, Riley was finally caught skinning a dead animal while he was preparing soup for his father alone in the back yard one evening. With that incriminating evidence, he was banish from his father's custody for the rest of his life. With a restraining order, he was only able to grab a few things from his own household. At the age of twelve, he was finally sent into society that was so bizarre from his standpoint. Being athletically fit and having the same happy go lucky attitude his father passed onto him, he was able to slowly fit into the modern city life.

On his 16th birthday, his mother was killed in an automobile accident. Killed by a drunk driving 20 year old, who survived the crash with minor scrapes and bruises. Walking away from court with a mild sentence, Riley decided to take a much needed hunting trip into the mountains. The 20 year old was never heard from again, something about crashing into a river going into the country side...

Since his father was deemed unfit to care for the boy, Riley had to make his living on his own. With his mother gone, he was able to sneak in a few things that he cared for via secret trips to the mountains. He brought back only smaller stuff that he cherish in his childhood, a semi-automatic 22LR. The first weapon he learned to care for and treat with respect. At the age of 18, he finally bought his first handgun: CZ75. These two items he held close and kept in secret... believing it was best no one found out.

These two weapons saved him through the first few weeks of the crisis. His dream his to meet up with his father outside the scared city of Sagaku. But first, there are a few things he had to take care of...

CZ75 original import.
16 +1 9mm

Marlin model 989
22LR semi-automatic.
Modified magazines: 15 + 1

Kershaw combat knife

Whisper - revealed in RP. Sort of like precognition.
Silenced step - increased stealth.

Current Location: Having being a premature weapon's smith before the outbreak, the leader of the towers in the safe zones allowed Riley to pick up the pace and begin to load special rounds in his down time during the firefights to hold them at bay. Given a suite in his residence, he was able to pick up what was left of his life and put what little off time fun he could get into reloading expended casings. Since ammunition was running short and the outbreak's virus continues to increase, Riley was one of the few capable of conserving what little resources he could muster. After raiding the nearby gunshops, he slowly realized that he could harvest all of the casings and remake them into standard military grade bullets.

Anything Else:
Bent between his past self and current self, Riley is able to blend into the remaining social crowds by becoming the center star of the show. His radiant personality allows him to stir what little motivation that is left within the people around him. As the death pile up every single day, it becomes harder and harder to keep the drive within the crowd to continue the struggle to survive. Nevertheless in quiet, he becomes withdrawn in his own work. Preferring to study alone in his room, he makes spare bullets and does simple repair work on weapons. He finds his solitude and relaxation around the simple smells of gunpowder. He has a habit of trying to hit on women from the military or police forces. Women that could take care of themselves, he would call it, but secretly he was rather attracted to women who held a light scent of gunpowder...
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PostSubject: Re: Riley Simmons   Sat May 31, 2008 3:59 am

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Riley Simmons
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