In the City and surrounding areas of Sagaku the nightmare of many has come to life. The Earths final remaining survivors strive to survive in a morbid world where the dead walk the streets and the living struggle to live on...
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 Yuriana Hata

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Yuriana Hata


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PostSubject: Yuriana Hata   Fri May 30, 2008 8:58 pm


Name: Yuriana Hata

Nickname : Yuri

Age: 19

Sex: Female

Location Before Outbreak: In her dorm room

Occupation: College student and Veterinary Tech

Living Family: Grandmother has died in the outbreak. Mother and Father were killed in a car accident a few years ago.

History: Yuriana was born in Okinawa Japan. Her father was an American Military man. Her mother was just your average Japanese girl. Yuri was born on Feb 18 1989. She lived in Japan all her life till her parents died in a car accident when she was 16. She moved to Sagaku City to live with her grandmother. She didn't take the move or the death of her parents well. She became quiet and with drawn. Only her schooling and her relationship with her grandmother didn't change. She finished high school and is now enrolled in the college and studying to be a veterinarian. The day the outbreak took place she returned to her grandmother's house in order to check on her. She didn't find her anywhere. Yuri ran to her room and opened the safe in her closet grabbing the two Glock 27 compacts. She attached the pistols with her flashlight laser pointers and holstered them in the shoulder holsters. Going back downstairs she found her grandmother in a raged state. She new the virus had take hold of her. Her grandmother was still in partial control of her mind. Yuri knew what had to be done. Her eyes filled with tears as she pulled the trigger of the small 40 caliber pistol. The bullet striking her grandmother in the head and producing a large exit hole. Yuri sat on the floor and cried before heading to the towers for the lock down.

Weapons: Twin Glock G27 Subcompact .40 cal pistols

Not what her Glocks look like. Just only image I could find to show size. Her Glocks look like this...

Current location: In the towers.
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PostSubject: Re: Yuriana Hata   Sat May 31, 2008 4:01 am

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Yuriana Hata
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