In the City and surrounding areas of Sagaku the nightmare of many has come to life. The Earths final remaining survivors strive to survive in a morbid world where the dead walk the streets and the living struggle to live on...
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 Adonis Huntington

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PostSubject: Adonis Huntington   Sun Jun 01, 2008 6:14 pm

Name: Adonis Huntington


Age: 19

Sex: Male

Location Before the outbreak : On the streets

Occupation: Hunting down the infected and destroying them.

Short History: Adonis has been on his own since a young age. His father skipped out on him and his mother, whom eventually picked up a bad drinking habit. He doesn't talk about his past to people, preferring to keep it to himself and not allowing their pity get in his way. He's often a drifter, never staying with the same people very long, not allowing himself to get attached to people. He's often quiet, listening to what other talk about around him. He can be sarcastic and mean for the most part, but a joker.

Current Location: around the city

Anything Else:

frame is molded with a light rail out on the dustcover (and the serial-number plate recessed in there, along with a bar code for those of you who use scanners for inventory) with the non-gripping areas given a pebble-texture surface treatment. The trigger mechanism is a traditional double action/single action employing an ambidextrous decocking lever at the upper rear of the frame.

Mounted all three--a CZ 452-2E Silhouette, a Winchester Wildcat and a Henry Acu-Bolt--with identical Simmons 22 Mag 3-9x32 rifle scopes, appropriate glass in terms of the price range of the rifles and also scopes that provide parallax adjustment and enough magnification to make possible a reasonable test of the guns' accuracy.

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PostSubject: Re: Adonis Huntington   Sun Jun 01, 2008 9:55 pm

Approved - Room 112

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Adonis Huntington
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