In the City and surrounding areas of Sagaku the nightmare of many has come to life. The Earths final remaining survivors strive to survive in a morbid world where the dead walk the streets and the living struggle to live on...
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 Chazzy Algo

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Chazzy Algo

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PostSubject: Chazzy Algo   Sun Jun 01, 2008 10:57 pm

Name: Chaz Algo

Nickname: Chazzy

Age: 19


Location Before the outbreak : The Streets

Occupation: Historian, Hunter, (Vigilante...)

Living Family/Friends: Orphaned, few friends..

Short History: Chaz has never known what it means to be raised by family, to be cared for by inlaws or real friends. rowing up as an orphan he spent his days reading books of the past and current times, while the rough life of anyone on the streets and around other orphans has left this boy toughened as well. Participating in brawls, friendly sparring with wooden or metal objects, and sparring wrestling matches he sought out his claim to money and to burn both immense patience and skill by hunting. Long hikes, heavy pack and keen senses required fed his needs. Rounding out well his skills, and possessing few abilities outside true tracking and strong debating skills this young man has taken on a strong sense of adventure.. so strong infact it would mold his future. When he wasn't on the hunt for game or old books the spirited youth found himself tracking down and making those pay who infringe on natural justice. Human rights broken, moral codes ignored.. those devious criminals and sick minded individuals stood no chance as Chaz stalked the streets as well. Rapists, murderers, and crack dealers one and the same would feel a silent, harsh motion against their skulls before death took it's sweet embrace. An embrace now ignored in thsi city, and as the rioting began and the innocents suffered Chaz could bear it no longer. Helping himself to a sufficient amount of ammo for his shotgun, he has seen the slow progress of the undeath, firsthand as he saved a fellow teenaged girl from a terrible act. Only to have the slain evil-doer return to kill the girl and nearly himself. Staining his wooden stock and action in his own blood, Chaz is now healed and ready to continue his... crusade.

Weapons: Custom baseball Bat w/ nails(May update this if I get mine on digital camera.)

Woodsman Axe

Remington 16 Ga. Wingmaster 870 PumpAction Shotgun(4 rnds, 7.25 lbs) Recently restained with his own blood and lacquered.

Current Location:The Strip Mall

Anything Else: Tattooed, deep seated in his beliefs and well read.

(((((Oh and on a belated not, the Axe in the picture is just the red handled one. Not the wooden one nor the mallet lol. I do want to add this Ability since I've discussed it and figured out what to call it. Here it is..

Ability- Group Frenzy: Some call it a form of Martial Art, some know it as a style of Berzerking Fury. Others know it for what it really is, the deep seated power of combat awareness and probability to fight against the odds. When in combat against multiple targets the defender/attacker finds no penalties for being surrounded, getting flanked, or taking his wild swings to ward off opponents. Raised on the streets Chaz found himself having to fight bullies and muggers, and often two against one or more. Later in life he had to deal with pack animals, Coyotes and Wolves who enjoyed surrounding, teaming up against lone humans.. but this human used his chances to his advantage.

Befitting his history, profession, and nature Chaz finds this keen skill potential to his own survival, as his first kill from trying to save a young girl from a viscious criminal turned into a double dose of grief and torment. Whether the gang against him is living or not, he tries to turn the tide of battle in his favor, and using off-handed or off-the-wall techniques to reduce his worries is the only step keeping him from a enraged Frenzy. Rage is not an emotion fond of his heart, and as long as he can keep such an emotion burried this ability works fine. Should he one day ever lose control or snap off, flying into the fray may mean this outstanding prowess could put former friends and innocents in harm's way. Something he would find truly regretable, had he not gone off such a deep end. (He doesn't rage or flip out often if ever at all, but should the circumstance arise.. it would be bloody.) )))))))
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PostSubject: Re: Chazzy Algo   Sun Jun 01, 2008 11:07 pm

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Chazzy Algo
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