In the City and surrounding areas of Sagaku the nightmare of many has come to life. The Earths final remaining survivors strive to survive in a morbid world where the dead walk the streets and the living struggle to live on...
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 Col. Bishop

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PostSubject: Col. Bishop   Mon Jun 02, 2008 6:27 pm

((I cannot get my paws upon an image at the moment, so, I'm going to post her description under Anything Else for the time being, so, in the mean-time, anyone have a copy of Rainbow Six Vegas 2 and Fraps? I could use your help))

Name: Unknown

Nickname: Bishop



Location Before the outbreak : Hereford, England

Occupation: Rainbow Operative

Living Family/Friends: Sparky(Situation unknown), Maj. Yip (Decently Deceased

Short History: The MH-60 flew over Sagaku, the Major looked back at his two friends, all that he had left. Bishop and Sparky, two of the people he had fought with all his life. He recounted the events leading to this event, just before the release of the virus, Bishop and Kacy had just been about raid a facility removing nuclear products from the destroyed plant, along with the young, para-military male that had obviously been the Major's friend, they found not what one would expect, but creatures. As it turned out, Chernobyl had been used as a testing ground for a new, forced-evolution of humanity. The Major flew them out, leaving behind the rest of Echo team behind, sadly. Finding themselves in a last-ditch attempt to get out of Russia, which had quickly been covered by the infection, they happened across an American base. Bishop and Kacy worked quickly to find a location with some left-overs of humanity, and found radio-chatter over Sagaku. Taking the only remaining helicopter, the S.A.S. soldier got them over the city, but, they were running out of fuel, and finding themselves in a hell of a pickle. He watched over the canopy, "Fuck, lads'n'lasses, we're damn near fully out." Bishop attempted the stand up, but the Major notioned for her to get back. "Gonna land 'er hard..." He said, lowering the helicopter down as far as he could before the Engine began to noticeably stutter, and begin to fail. The altitude was lost quickly. The Major cursed as the Helo dropped to far, and scraped a light-post. They dropped again, and the Rotor came in contact with a pole, quickly taking it out and the Chopper falling to the ground. The crash was loud, yet not explosion erupted. The Major moaned loudly as he found shards of glass within his chest. Bishop quickly went to him, and Sparky stepped out, his G36 against his shoulder, quickly scanning the area. "We're good, for now!" He yelled back, as Bishop comforted Yip while attempting to help his wounds, however, she realized something quite horrid. A piece of glass had landed in his thigh, right atop a vital line of veins, and it was keeping him alive. "Shit..." She said, remembering this man's care and respect for his commanding officer, he always loved her like an older sister, and treated her well. Those fond memories were quickly dismissed, as Kacy's eyes drooped and he asked for something that her sexuality denied him: a kiss. She responded, pressing her lips carefully to his, "I'm going to die, aren't I, love?" She sighed and nodded, he already knew it, but still. "Well, let's keep this going..." He said, kissing her softly, her kissing back. His hand found the shard of glass and removed it. He was dead within the moment. A single tear was shed, for she knew a soldier's role in life: Die, but before you go, raise hell. Sparky yelled at her, "We got company, Bishop!" And the crack's of a firearm began to resound, moans were heard, and he yelled at her, "Run, I'll keep 'em busy!" He said, as she came out, not even bothering to pick up her rifle, the odds were overwhelming, and the only real tie to her past life was now dead. Picking the silver pistol from it's holster, she took a two-handed grip, and Sparky looked back at her, realizing something. He had the chance, the one chance that few men get: to take a step back, look at it from the outside, and he realized that either both of them would die, or one would get out. Taking an MP5N slung across his back, he threw it at her, hitting her head and knocking her out. He ran, turning about to shoot, but, soon, those sounds died out, and there was nothing left but the the setting sun. Did he live? Who knows, but a young man as resourceful as that surely was perfectly capable of it. The next day, Bishop awoke, standing up and finding human beings, resting, seemingly, across the street. Picking up the MP5, she grabbed two clips that lay within reach, regrettably leaving behind her M8 rifle, but, there was no time. They seemed to be stirring. Moving away slowly, she spotted to building that Yip had pointed out to her. Holstering her pistol, and bringing the MP5 to her shoulder, she made for it slowly.

Weapons: At current, she has an MP5(I highly doubt I need to supply an image for such) and a nickel-plated Desert Eagle(Same as the MP5). However, she did leave behind two firearms of hers on the helicopter: A heavily modified XM8 Para Sniper with the Automatic Rifleman variant foregrip, bipod, and barrel, essentially, the AR type with Sniper sights ( is the basic model) The other rifle she left behind would be a Barrett M82A1 .50BMG long rifle.
Current Location: By the downed helicopter(Pending verification)

Anything Else: Bishop is the kind of woman that every guy wants, yet, sadly, can't have. Lovely face, nice breasts, toned form, tight arse, and even better, she sort of has the same attitude as a male. Her form? Well, that's where it's all at, isn't it? Atop her head, a black beret sits, skewed to the side atop her black hair. Her hair is layed down, short and laid flat in a punk sort of way, as the Military has a thing against women looking good. Her eyes are brown in hue, and are never covered in make-up, like the rest of her face. It is quite plain, a cute little nose sitting between her plain cheeks, midly full lips. On her neck, a throat mic sits upon a choker, allowing her to communicate easily. Her breasts are in the C-range, and usually a tank-top sits atop them. Her arms are thin, yet strong, small lines of toning across her biceps. Her abdomen is toned, yet still soft. Her buttocks is nice, rounded, yet tight, lustful hips that she usually covers in cargoes, down to small, dainty feet.
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Col. Bishop
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