In the City and surrounding areas of Sagaku the nightmare of many has come to life. The Earths final remaining survivors strive to survive in a morbid world where the dead walk the streets and the living struggle to live on...
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 Outside the hotel inside an apartment complex

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PostSubject: Outside the hotel inside an apartment complex   Mon Jun 02, 2008 8:29 pm

Zack open his eyes hearing a creak in the walls. What was that noise? Zack gets up silently as he looks around in the apartment. The smell of blood wreaks the walls as he looks outside the window seeing the outside is clear. It is clear for now so he should take this chance and head out for well.....he wishes he knew where he was going. Zack walks to the kitchen to see if there is any knives he can use. Checking the wooden draws, he finds a butchers knife and three serrated ones. Zack checks the other draws and find nothing except black tape. This can be useful.

He looks out the window to check again and no sign of movement so far. Zack walks to the door exiting out of the apartment hearing a moan and growl. There are two slow walkers coming at me. He takes out his wire wrapping it around his left hand's fingers. He throws the wire that is wrapped around his hand at one of the zombies. The wire wraps around its neck giving him the opportunity so he pulls it down dragging it into the others way making the other one fall. He runs to the both of then. Stepping on the one with wire to keep it down as he draws out his sword stabbing it into the others back. Now both are down. Zack pulls the wire cutting through the rotting flesh of the zombie until it is fully decapitated. Seeing the exposed spinal cord as blood drains from its body, he reaches for the butcher knife in his coat hacking at the one zombie still moving. In time he severed all the limbs including the head so now this one will remain silent. Zack looked back at the other one seeing some movement so he quickly grabs his sword pulling it out and shoving it the moving body's spine. It flinched for a brief moment and stopped once more. He butchers it into pieces like the other one. Zack with draws his sword but not before cleaning the blood off as he did the same for the butcher knife.

Zack walks out of the apartment complex noticing that it is far to quiet. He looks down both directions of the road seeing nothing for several blocks except blood stained asphalt, a few burning cars, broken glass, and not to mention a few body parts with maggots popping out of its rotting flesh. They just don't know how to make a city like they use to. He hears a screeching howl behind him as he starts to jog in one direction. Looking back, Zack sees a runner spitting blood from his mouth. He takes out several feet of wire and placing his hand on his katana's hilt. Zack patiently waits for it to approach him. It claws at him once as he takes two steps to the right letting the wire to fly. He draws out his sword cutting throw its leg as the wire wraps around its arm. Zack pulls the wire quickly severing its arm off. It rolls to its back when he thrusts his blade into its heart. Violently, it moves until it slowly dies for the time being. He takes out the butcher knife once more cutting the corpse into pieces. He puts away his weapons calmly walking ahead. Zack gets to a block eventually where there are a bunch of stores and warehouses. Hearing foot steps and a trash can being knocked over. He quickly puts his back against the wall hiding from whatever it is. I take a peek seeing several walkers. Let's see, two to the left, three to the right, this is perfect and how about we throw a few runners in the equation.

This is a perfect day to walk into several zombies with several short range weapons! He looks down and sees the reflection of an ambulance in the water. Zack sprints to the back of the building to see if any are in the alley. There are none which is quite amazing. There is a fire escape so he climbs up to the top of the building to get a better scope of the landscape. Well this is an apartment building so what's needed is to hop across to the stores. Now he's three stories high and needs to jump to a one story building. He takes this moment to see that several military vehicles are on the next street with several more zombies to boot. There are several sniping rifles posted on the roofs of several buildings so that would mean that they abandoned the area or very well walk amongst them. Not to mention all he remembers is his name and age and nothing more plus that he's a citizen of Sagaku City but not actually born and raised here. He knows he's 19 yrs old since it is on his ID card but other then that Zack has nothing else to go on. Zack keeps thinking if he makes it out of here, he needs some psychological help once this is all over and a good cheese burger.

Zack walks to the center of the roof looking straight for a brief moment then closing his eyes. He starts to self reflect and meditate for a few minutes wondering what lays ahead. He opens his eyes quickly running to one side of the roof. Zack jumps seeing what lays before him. He touches the next roof rolling to a stop on his feet. Slightly dazed, he looks back seeing the three story apartment building and looks forward. He looks down on the street seeing a motorcycle. It appears that the motorcycle is a Ninja. Don't know whether it has fuel but it doesn't hurt to try. "What store is this?" The sign says Jimmy's Electronics. No zombies at the moment so this would seem the perfect time. Zack jumps off the building looking at the stores too see if any of them can have use, well at least what they may have in stock anyway. Zack gets on the bike checking the ignition seeing no key. He looks around seeing a bloody jacket on the floor that is slightly torn up. Picking it up to check to see if there are anything in the pockets. He checks the right pocket finding a set of keys. If this works then there is a God. He walks back to the Ninja inserting the key into the ignition turning it. The engine hums to life. Wow, he works in mysterious ways and this seems rather..... "I'm not going to bother." He shakes his head getting on the Ninja taking a deep breathe. He hears moaning in the distance. Turning his head to see what lays behind him which is several walkers and runners. He burns out leaving them behind.
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Outside the hotel inside an apartment complex
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