In the City and surrounding areas of Sagaku the nightmare of many has come to life. The Earths final remaining survivors strive to survive in a morbid world where the dead walk the streets and the living struggle to live on...
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 Sagaku Wars. The begining

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PostSubject: Sagaku Wars. The begining   Mon Jun 02, 2008 8:36 pm

With technological advances, a scientific discovery that would surpass all others came in to existence. It did not cure cancer, it did not cure Aids and it certainly did not
cure anything else, but it was a magnificent discover all in its own. The human race could experience life at its fullest by simply altering the way Enzymes were looked at.

The Rational Alteration of Genetic Enzymes, R.A.G.E, promised to change everything. It would highlight all the aspects of being a mammal, better hearing, faster speeds, and
even improved healing. The first human specimen had been all that the scientist at Sagaku Technology and Anatomy Research Facilities (S.T.A.R-F) could as for. At the arrival of their first and ONLY specimen everything went as planned. The first few days were marvelous; the specimen took to the treatment well, and all signs of progress were

However, when the second doze was administered there were drastic changes, almost instantly. It took a matter of minutes before the Specimen became filled with a form of discomfort and anger, within the hour there was mutation of the Epidermis, increase of blood flow to the body limbs and a lack of oxygen to the brain. With such mutations came an increase of strength, where normal restrains would give out with a single swing of the species.

When placed under new testing and experimentations, the scientist of the S.T.A.R-F came to realize just how great their error had been. When one came in to fluid contact with the RAGE infested specimen, they too would instantly take up the traits; it mattered not on what amount of the infection they came across. If one was bitten, scratched, or even touched the vile remains of the creature they too would become just as deadly.

There came the time when terminating the creature was the only remaining option. At first a human way was attempted, by giving a doze of Sodium Thiopental, Pancuronium Bromide and Potassium Chloride, but no death came, only a nastier form of attack.

Filled with its anger and powered by its new strength the creature escaped the compounds of S.T.A.R.-F and on to the peaceful streets of Sagaku City, where anyone in site became its victim.

It took less than a week for the city to turn in to a living Hell. Dead bodies ran through the Streets, and only those that were brave enough to fight and even kill their loved ones managed to survive. No one wished to leave their homes none the less have to deal with this apocalyptic world.

The infected quickly became known as the Zeds for their need of human flesh and rotting flesh. Soon they were labeled in to three different kinds of Speeds. The Sprinter Zeds with their unbelievable speed, way faster than even your average human, and smarter than their slower counter parts, not quite dead just yet, just infected. If you were to see one of these Zeds at a distance they could easily be confused for a normal human. When bitten by one of these Zeds the infection will instantly be transferred and one will transform in to one of the many un-dead.

The Joggers Zeds, Average speed, a bit decomposed and well simply not as brilliant as the Sprinters Zeds, Sure they could break in to a jog or fast walk, hell they could even
catch up to any slow running person! But they are still not as fast as the Sprinters, and slightly easier to defeat, these Zeds, are already partially dead, and are quickly starting to decompose. Their main meals consist of the still living and from time to time each other. When bitten by these horribly smelling creatures, one will become infected just as much as one would when bitten by the Sprinter Zeds.

After a few days as Jogger Zeds, the infected will drop to the lowest level of Zeds available. The Crawler Zed. These Zeds cannot run, and are in an advance form of decomposition. They can however kill a human if they are able to capture one in their grasp. These Zeds are seen everywhere, and they can in turn enter zones where they are not suppose to. They cannot open doors and they cannot climb. So if one was to stumble across one of them, it would be simple to escape.

When the outbreak came to be, even the animals of Sagaku became infected when bitten. Not a dog or a kitten or even a monkey was left un harmed. The Zoo Animals were no exception, when the Zeds attacked so did the Ani-Zeds. Only difference was, the Ani-Zeds remained in either the Sprinter or the Jogger State, never really collapsing in to the Crawler state.

The Original Specimen vanished after its reign of terror over Sagaku City, and it was known that a few Zeds mutated along the states of decomposition, or even build a tolerance and remained in a certain Stage longer than the rest, how many of these kind there is out there is unknown. But they can easily be identified by their mutated forms, over sized bodies and outrageous manner of controlling the other weaker Zeds.

When the leaders of the City were eliminated, and the Order of Sagaku was disrupted, Chaos reigned over. Many turned on each other and most strived to take control of what ever parts of the city they could. Small groups formed here and there to try and control and even a few radicals that wished to have the humans become completely annihilated. Out of all these groups came the Tower of Sagaku, where every resident has a place to stay, no matter what the circumstances are.

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Sagaku Wars. The begining
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