In the City and surrounding areas of Sagaku the nightmare of many has come to life. The Earths final remaining survivors strive to survive in a morbid world where the dead walk the streets and the living struggle to live on...
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 Class in session....

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Vincent Montgomery


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PostSubject: Class in session....   Mon Jun 02, 2008 11:52 pm

BANG BANG BANG was the sound that came from Vincent’s gun. It was the Baretta 92F, his father prized possessions, as three hollow bullets hit the black and white tiled floor. The zed, in front of him, fell flat on the floor. Vincent remembers how to kill these rotting corpses called zeds: two in the heart and one on the forehead, and if one of those zeds ever get close to him, use the combat knife and stab it on top of its head. Vincent starts to sweat from his forehead as he lowers his weapon. “Shit.” he says as he slides down the magazine from his chamber to see how many bullets that he has left. “I have 9 left. Meaning I can only kill three of those bastards. Four if I am lucky with my trusty knife.” He closes both of his eyes as a smile escapes from his lips; sliding the magazine back inside the gun. He puts his gun against his leather holster around his waist. He kneels down, and pulls out his trusty KM2000 Combat Knife from his leather shoulder holster. He holds the knife in one hand as he walks slowly down the hallway of this school. He never knew that this school is currently overrun by zeds. Hearing the moan and growl from every corner can make anyone shit in their pants.

He kneels down as he slowly moves forward down the empty hallway, while crouching down close to the floor. Both of his violet hues look towards the door that leads to one of the classroom. Vincent hears the moaning and growling from inside the classroom. “Shit!” he mutters, while he place his ear against the wooden door to see if anyone is there. Its quiet, perhaps too quiet for his taste. He stands up straight hand fully as he takes a couple of steps back from the door. He puts his combat knife back on his shoulder holster. His hands grabs the doorknob to turn the knob clockwise, as he opens the door slightly. When he opens the door all the way, he was greeted by a female slow mover in a schoolgirl uniform. She tries to places her hand on his shoulder, but Vincent quickly moves back while he pulls out his gun from his holster and aims it on her forehead. With both hands on the gun, he fires a single shot as the bullet pierce through her skull. Quickly, he shoved the zed with both of his hands to make her fall flat on her back on the floor.

Quickly, he aims the gun towards her chest as he lets loose two rounds from his chamber to make sure that she stays dead, permanently. Blood starts to ooze from the corpse. He pants lightly as Vincent aims his gun to the left as his eyes goes to the same direction. He looks to the right as he takes a couple of steps forward inside the classroom. It was too quiet as another slow moving female zed managed to grab Vincent’s left arm. Both of his eyes looks towards the zed as he jerks his arm forward, then swing his elbow right at her nose, “GET OFF ME!!” That move send her backwards to the chalkboard as Vincent quickly moves forward. Both of his hands are holding the gun as he aims it right between her eyes. Without hesitation, the sounds of two gunshots echoes throughout the school. All two bullets pierce her forehead as blood and brain matter splattered against the chalkboard. She slides down to the floor and dies as Vincent places his gun back into his holster. He walks to the chalkboard as his eyes looks at the white chalk. He picks it up and starts writing in big block letters -CLASS DISMISSED!!- across the board before he tossed the chalk behind him. He looks around the classroom to find some clue of his whereabouts, the unknown assistant. Sources tells him that he had fled and is hidden out in this city. That man is the one who killed his parents.

“He is not here. Damn it! Looks like I have to find him elsewhere.” he says to himself. As he turns himself around to look at the classroom and walks towards the storage cabinet to find something of use to him. Empty. The cabinet is empty. He turns himself around and walks to the teacher’s desk. He moves behind the desk as he opens the drawer to find some clue on his whereabouts or where his next step should be.
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Class in session....
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