In the City and surrounding areas of Sagaku the nightmare of many has come to life. The Earths final remaining survivors strive to survive in a morbid world where the dead walk the streets and the living struggle to live on...
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 Ghost Streets

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PostSubject: Ghost Streets   Wed Jun 04, 2008 2:35 pm

"Well, I have transportation but new weapons will do nicely," Zack mutters to himself as he rides the empty streets of Sagaku. He doesn't want to have zombies following but if he were to lose them which is nice and convenient so that he wouldn't have to deal with them. The problem is he wants to destroy all of them so they wouldn't spread the infection any further which would be great. Now he is trying to come up with a plan. The possibilities are quite endless in part of turning to a huge success or a failure possibly leading to being eaten alive. What colorful words that express this gloomy possibly outcome. Oh the joy, Zack runs a few red lights but what use are they if there is no traffic. "I could create a trap by getting some speakers and making loud noises to attract them to one spot and blow it up sky high! Now, how would I be able to attain such explosives? Well I could move a car to an intersection and get large amounts of gasoline and set it on fire. "Hell, I can put several cars." The other is to get some nitrogen. Well, large amounts of nitrogen such as from a truck and flip it over or bring it real close to the targeted area and let it explode exposing them to the cold which will free their corpses for good. Well, I would have to break them into pieces of course silencing them for good." He is now wondering how he is able to attain all this materials and execute them without being interrupted.

Seems to be Zack's thoughts are quite flustered with puzzlement. He realizes that he would need help if this idea were to ever be accomplished. He sees an electronics store stopping in front of the building. Zack looks carefully inside to see if any strange movement is present. It appears to be empty, but Zack disbelieves this is true. He slowly walks into the store seeing some of the light fixtures are broken but many still operating. It provides adequate light to see most of the store which he finds some remains and blood splatter spread out through the place. He sees the remains of the cashier noticing the poor soul can't be reanimated to an undead which makes Zack feel at ease since the head, waist, arms, and some parts of the legs appear severed. He thinks carefully of what the next move should be. Are there any gas lines Zack asks? He walks to the back entering a back room which turns out to be a recreation room. He looks to his left and sees a stove. "Yes, gas means boom!" Zack says with gratitude. He turns on all four knobs where all it does is release gas. Zack looks into the cabinets finding some paper, bottles, chemicals, and coffee. He finds a few magazines on the table. Seeing the managers room, he goes in seeing a rather plain room with a desk in the back. Approaching the desk, he sees a Zippo on the desk. "Hmm....." Zack reaches the desk checking the contents finding a bottle of whiskey in the bottom left corner. He grabs the zippo and bottle for later use.

Exiting out of the room to find a vending machine to find food. A runner is on the other side of the recreation room. It sees Zack and sprints towards him. Zack kicks it in the face making it stumble back for a moment. He gets close to the runner grabbing its arm throwing it into the stove. Zack lights the zippo and throws it at the stove lighting the beast on fire. It screams in agony as Zack takes out his sword slicing its head off. The body falls to the ground in flames. "Well, cremation was for royals in the past but I suppose the infected need their blessings too. The world is going to hell unless I do something about it. Thing is I need to find survivors to aid my quest." Zack inserts the blade into the corpse to move it out of the way so that he may move the stove. Shortly after moving the stove, he cuts the gas line behind it leaking large amounts of gas now. He guesses he doesn't have much time now so its best to turn up the noise and prey that as many will come and this place will be sky high. Zack quickly finds a vending machine breaking the clear surface grabbing chips and candy. Running to the cash register, he grabs several lighters, two small LED flashlights, and batteries. He goes to an isle getting a backpack to put all the stuff in. Putting on the backpack, he goes to the speakers turning up the noise.

Quickly running out to get on the Ninja. Turning it on, he hears moans and howling not far from here. Zack goes into the alley across from the electronics store to find a fire escape. Zombies are approaching the store though the alleys and streets. He finds a fire escape turning off the Ninja quickly. Climbing the fire escape before the zombies see him, he reaches the top of the roof. Half an hour later, more than fifty zombies are storming into the electronics store. Zack takes out the whiskey bottle opening it. He rips a piece off his shirt inserting it in the bottle leaving some of the cloth hanging out. Zack gets one of the lighters lighting the cloth on fire throwing it at the electronics store. Moments later, Zack gets down waiting for the explosion. Boom, immense heat and broken glass shoots out of the store as the howling and screaming rages on unto all becomes silent. Zack gets up seeing the raging fire consume the reanimated bodies for some of them were thrown outside from the explosion. The smell of burning flesh penetrates the air. Zack adjusts the excess cloth from his shirt higher to put over his mouth and nose to dampen the smell. "I need an air freshener," Zack mutters knowing this plan was a success.

He walks to the fire escape looking down to see if any of the undead are roaming about. Some are coming this way but they are walkers and there on the other side. Zack quickly climbs down getting on the bike. Turning it on, he revs it taking off. He gets out of the alleys to get away from the zombies. He needs to find a place to eat quietly away from the reanimated.
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Ghost Streets
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