In the City and surrounding areas of Sagaku the nightmare of many has come to life. The Earths final remaining survivors strive to survive in a morbid world where the dead walk the streets and the living struggle to live on...
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 Shop 'til you drop

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PostSubject: Shop 'til you drop   Wed Jun 04, 2008 4:03 pm

Chaz spent more time shouting to his dog and coaxing her to keep up the pace with him to where he needed to go first, than her simply following where her nose lead her. Had it been a more normal instance of entropy then he would have been less likely to care where she ran off to, but he liked this dog. She was a good dog, not the wisest but very smart. As he dug through the remains of the shelves he tossed her a tennis ball, which she began to bounce with her paw into the air like a human might with a basketball. Grabbing another backpack he began to stuff it with windchimes, larger batteries into the smaller pockets, and a pair of heavy duty flashlights. A boxcutter laying idly on the ground by torn open boxes would soon be placed into his hand, and used to give the simple minded puppy a length of knotted rope to chew on.

"Strawberry Cheesecake edible sex oil? Hot damn.." Tossing the kinky treat into the backpack he fished up a new idea.. something he hadn't thought of very recently. A massive array of styrofoam was everywhere, from peanuts to blocks from electronics and other goods. Hurrilied he dragged a typical red wagon over to the husky, who was waiting patiently by the pet section enjoying many selections of dog treats and cat ones too. Hooking up a harness around her slim but fit body under the leash sitting on her back he set some of the food and an empty cooler onto the wagon, taking up about half of the space. Patting her on the shoulder he lead her with him now, putting more than enough of his desired supplies in a neat, stacked order on the wagon. "I know it's no sled Maia but you'll cope, and maybe this will keep you from getting so far ahead of me constantly." He pointed out to the speedy animal, as he filled a carry bag with styrofoam and duct taped it to the back of the wagon as a bumper and his other devious use. Duct tape was in low supply but he took all of it he could find, grip tape and electric tape too.

Leading the puppy to other departments as he thought of possibilities he grabbed the variety of athletic tape with a few ankle and wrist braces.. a pair of binoculars hanging from his neck while a nicer one was set in the backpack now on the wagon. Putting on a pair of green and black workout gloves something caught his eye.. a bit of movement from the corner of his eye. Slowly he picked up a weighty medicine ball, and gazing at the sight before him he saw one of them.. a Zed shambling. It looked to be almost totally fresh, a severely wounded person who had finally fell to the injuries they must have been fleeing from. One's problems always ran faster than they could, and to keep this problem from running Chaz hurled the medicine ball along the ground. Like a 25 lb bowling ball it rolled at high speed to the almost unsuspecting target, who had turned to see the sudden motion and the bouncing of the ball's initial release. Groaning terribly it went to turn to react, but by the time the foot had pivoted and the body began to gain omentum the ball crashed into it's leg.

TH-KRR-D Was the odd sound as the leg snapped in multiple places, causing the moving carcass to drop with a louder, wetter thud. Hodling his hand out for the dog to stay Chaz charged at the zomboid, dropping his axe straight into the back of it's unsuspecting skull. Tearing the blade free he wiped it clean on the dry clothes of the unfortunate victim of the epidemic. Quickly returning to his efforts he knew barricading the stores was the best chance to keep them Zed-free until they could improvise as well. Improvising as best the witty survivalist could, Chaz went back over his path to grab four more flashlights and fill them with the best batteries he could. Duct-taping these to the edges of the wagon, he left them off for the time being as he also duct taped two canes onto the sides of the wagon, adding a bit of weight and incase someone did get too injured to stand properly. Even a splint couldn't improve one's pace as a cane did, and he justified his actions further by picking up a few unique items available only at Walgreens.

Gold-rimmed AIW Night-Vision glasses. Not quite the goggles of Military variety, but they reduced glare and may have even helped his own potent sight in the dark a bit better.. not to mention protecting his eyes from blood sprays. The last three items would prove to be important items indeed as he set one pair of glasses on his forehead, the other with the binoculars as he lead the dog through another few rows of shelves, kicking a majority of the items out of the way of his path. With limited space on the wagon now he resorted to using the cooler as he filled it with meal-supplement drinks and bars. Cramming enough bars ontop of the layer of drinks to easily last a month of meals for someone of average size, he set two economy sized jugs of laundry detergent onto the back of the wagon, setting a variety of vitamin and mineral pill bottles of large sized into the open spaces of the wagon. Apparently all the raiders wanted junk food and drug-pills as they had left most of the nutritionally sound items behind. Now for the last but not least...

For the chimes and bells he had initially snatched up, Chaz took whole spools of twine and metal wire. There seemed to be enough of it, and hundreds of feet fit into such a simple reel, the hardy woodsman just needed something simple to cut them with. Wirecutters were in low supply but he only needed one, along with a sturdy set of bolt cutters he set in his own pack. "Good thing I know I can carry 80 pounds with my back, but my shoulders aren't going to like me tomorrow at all.." He complained to himself and the dog, who didn't seem to understand his concern. Smacking himself in the head, as he thought of actually putting a kitchen knife in his boot. "I'm such a dumbass, they had plenty of those at Guns. Alright Maia follow me we'll be out of this shithole soon. Just need some gasoline eventually.." Hoisting up his spectacle of a baseball bat, and holding his shotgun under his arm again, he went on his way. The fannypack across the small of his back like a soldier's carry-all he had left most of his bug-out kit at home, as this was the second run he had to do this week for potential needs.

Once the pair was outside the store, Chaz dragged benches and a few tables or chairs to barge the way into the store's smashed windows and doors. It was an awkward set of steps to jump onto the otherside, but any human could handle it or unlock the jumbled chairs with a bit of time and effort. Anymore crawling, non-jumping Zeds would have trouble wandering into this store. Strolling back down the strip of the mall, he almost looked like someone on patrol here if it had not been for the panting husky behind him toating a small workload.

Singing a little song to himself as he went back to the Guns and More for a simple blade as he heard in the distant parkinglot a single gunshot followed by a herrowing scream.. "Kenny, no! Why Kenny why!" It was definately a girl's voice, as a male retorted, "Oh my God, you killed Kenny, you bastard!" And a distinctive other male replying in an equally loud voice, "We couldn't let Kenny bite Shannon! Shut the hell up Stan and go pick the lock to that truck we gotta get outta here! Christina take his gun he dropped and whatever else he's got and let's get out of here! Keep away from his blood you know he caught that stuff from helping that asshole Cartman!" He half heard the warning, as he was busy singing to the gutteral tune of Clouds over California, his eyes set on the path before him, not the troubles of others behind him, who were also hell-bent on being free of this place.
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Shop 'til you drop
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