In the City and surrounding areas of Sagaku the nightmare of many has come to life. The Earths final remaining survivors strive to survive in a morbid world where the dead walk the streets and the living struggle to live on...
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 Troubled Minds Part 1

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PostSubject: Troubled Minds Part 1   Sat Jun 07, 2008 3:35 pm

Three hours have passed as Zack stopped by a gas station to fuel up on gas and maybe some other needed items. "I wonder where I am?" he mutters to himself eating the last chip in the bag. He looks into the store grabbing more food such as beef jerky putting it in the backpack. He finds some rubbing alcohol and so he disinfects his weapons. He takes the last un-opened bottle putting it in the backpack. He goes to the coolers getting a water bottle to drink. Opening it, he drinks it feeling refreshed. It is almost dawn as Zack looks at the sunglasses. He picks a solid black one to match his clothing and walks to the register to activate the pump to refuel his bike. Before he leaves the store he takes several liquor bottles and two water bottles.

Zack steps outside noticing that his morning isn't going to be a good morning. "This is what I get for chilling to long in a gas station!" He sees that there are four joggers and three sprinters closing in. He runs to the pump grabbing the hose wetting the ground with gasoline drenching two of the sprinters. He lets loose several feet of wire letting it be smothered by gasoline. Taking out one of the lighters he sets his wire on fire. Wrapping it around one of the drenched sprinters, it screams in agony reaching out to get a hold of Zack. He drops the hose drawing out his sword. All three sprinters reach out for him as he yanks the sprinter he has a hold of making it bump into the other two. All three light on fire. He lets go of the hold running to the puddle of gasoline letting his flaming wires light the gasoline. The three sprinters run into the blaze soon falling over. Zack sees the joggers coming at him. He throws the wire at them having the same affect as the sprinters.

He lets them burn as he goes to his bike refueling it. Taking off, he sees more Zeds heading his way. "I was lucky. I have to admit that! I think I'll avoid them for now until I get a little bit more prepared. I didn't think I would bump into that many zeds in one time," He whispers. Speeding down the street coming across a highway. He goes up the highway seeing burning cars and the undead. Some were on fire to begin with and set others on fire as they came across each other. They hear him so they turn in his direction. He draws out his katana pulling off a wheelie smashing the front tire into one of the zeds. "This will be hard to clean up with the amount of gore embedded into the tires and underside of the bike!" Zack mutters spinning the back tire scraping the flesh off the zed. He hops off the zed taking off. "Maybe I sense of judgment should be put into question. I need to find an accomplice to assist my endeavor of riding this city of its infestation."

Zadkiel Crimson, a man who forgot his past who wonders the streets in search of self-realization and regaining his memories back. He continues down the highway wondering who he was before his lost memories. Was he like this before he lost his memories or a cruel individual only out for himself? Time will tell if Zadkiel Crimson can be trusted. Zack continues to ride the highway in search of survivors.
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Troubled Minds Part 1
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