In the City and surrounding areas of Sagaku the nightmare of many has come to life. The Earths final remaining survivors strive to survive in a morbid world where the dead walk the streets and the living struggle to live on...
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 Profile: Semeron

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PostSubject: Profile: Semeron   Sat Jun 07, 2008 6:16 pm


Name: Semeron del Torre

Nickname: Sem

Age: 31

Sex: Male

Location Before the outbreak : Black Hills in South Dakota

Occupation: Vagabond

Short History: Semeron was born in a small Native American village. He grew up running through the plains and swimming in the rivers. His father and elders of his family taught him the old ways of hunting and tracking. At birth, he was mark by his grandfather as a shaman, due to his eye color, like that of the wolves. He was named Wahya Otaktay or Wolf Kills Many by his grandfather. Entering high school, he was offered a scholorship to a prep school in a neighboring city. Because of this, he had to post pone the completion of his training. He exceled in athletics and metal trades. To make ends meet, he apprenticed himself at a blacksmith shop. Because of the hard labor, his body was futher chisled and hardened. At the end of his Senior year, he had many scholarship offers to attened Division 1-A schools.

He didn't attend any college, instead, he joined the Marines. During his basic training at Camp Pendleton, he met the love of his life. They married and when he left on his first tour, she went to stay with his parents. While he was away, she gave birth to his son, who was named Suryakant or Loved by the sun. When he returned, he was told how a vicious storm hit their village, but when his son was born, the clouds parted and the sun shown on their home. Of course, his grandfather saw it as a sign. Fate would see it that he was away three years later, during the birth of his daughter, Manju or snow. She was born in the dead of winter during a quiet snow fall that left the country side blanketed in white. It was maybe a three years after his daughter's birth that he left the Marines. The decision came after his grandfather passed away. He felt guilty that he never made time to finish his training.

He moved back and began working with the police department was well as doing some black smith work. It was during his training that he found he like the feel of the tonfa batons they issued. He spent his time training and even attened different schools of marital arts to improve his skill with that weapon. When the out break hit, he was out on patrol. He arrived to find death and devastation. The whole place wiped out in a matter of days. His wife was one of the last to die. She had been bitten and he had tried to heal her best he could. He failed and in the end, was forced to take her life. He cremated his family and then burnt the village to the ground. He placed some of the ashes of his wife and children in to small pouches which he gilded in gold and making a necklace, placed them around his neck. It was after this that he had a strong vision of Sagaku City. He knew he must go there and maybe get the answers as to why this happened. Taking only what he could take with him, which included; his hand crafted tonfa swords, a suvival knife, some extra clothes and a sleeping bag to name a few. He strapped them to a motorcycle and headed for the city.

Current Location: Wandering Sagaku City

Living Family/Friends: None

Anything Else: Height: 6' 6"
Weight: 253 lb.

Eye Color: Amber

Hair color: Dark Brown

Weapons: Although he will use what is at hand, his weapon of choice are his Twin Tonfa Swords worn in a special holster across the back of his waist and a survival knife. He also is known to be a decent shot with a bow.

Fighting Style: MMA Melee fighter that uses his military and police training to his advantage.

Skills: Hunting, foraging, tracking, scouting- Due to his shaman training, he can now communicate with a variety of animals, most commonly wolves. Also has visions, but because he did not complete his training, it is still uncontrollable for him and comes at any time, while awake or dreaming. It has been known to happen even while he is in mid conversation.

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Profile: Semeron
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