In the City and surrounding areas of Sagaku the nightmare of many has come to life. The Earths final remaining survivors strive to survive in a morbid world where the dead walk the streets and the living struggle to live on...
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 Forever Gone, Never Forgotten

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Moonstruck Noel


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Biography : \"When you live in hell what choice do you have other then to be a bit moonstruck?\"
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PostSubject: Forever Gone, Never Forgotten   Sun Jun 08, 2008 3:55 pm

Insanity is all about perception; ask any truly insane person and they’ll most likely tell you that… if their not too busy ranting about the end of the world or wearing woman’s underwear. Some people labeled the desire to harm ones own body and seek death as crazy while others said that those who had no desire to take a razor to their wrists and would rather keep on living were clearly nuts. So how was one to know what true ludicrous was when there were so many angles it could come from? Well Noel Angel Stanton didn’t have the answer to that question, all she knew was that currently she fit the definition of crazy she had always held previously to these days of hell she currently lived in. So that posed the question that if one perceived themselves as crazy and were aware that they were unhinged did that not make them perfectly sane if they were perfectly capable of noticing how utterly fucked in the head they were? Again Noel didn’t know, but crazy or not they still called her Moonstruck Noel, that was the name almost everyone who came in contact with her knew her as, and she was just fine with that.

So maybe she had a few screws loose and maybe she didn’t, after all, Noel was perfectly fine as long as the situation was under control and there was no pressure to be found. It was only when things got intense that Noel seemed to lose her mind and wasn’t that what any normal human being would experience when in the heat of a battle they were convinced would be their last? Maybe not, but Noel was Noel, that was all she had ever strived to be and if ‘Noel’ just happened to be cracked then that was fine in her book, at least she was true to herself. At the moment though, Noel seemed perfectly okay; with the lack of a threat and a handy bottle of Jack Daniel’s whiskey the young woman was wonderfully mellow as she sat perched upon the bleachers of the school’s gymnasium and eyed the large blue mat she had set out upon the basket ball court with surprisingly focused and diligent eyes. Luminescent honey brown eyes gleamed with intensity as Noel peered at that familiar blue mat and recalled all the times in the past her bare feet had padded across one just like it. It had been the very thing she had existed for, had been her future, the only one she had and now it seemed so far away in the past that Noel was uncertain of whether or not it would accept her presence on it once more.

With a long swig of that brown liquor followed by a grimace and a smack of lush light pink lips Noel would set the bottle down next to the wooden bow and the black 19 9mm glock that rested upon neatly folded jeans before she pushed into a steady standing position and moved forward. She took one step and then another with the graceful movements of a dancer that defied the nearly half empty bottle of whiskey on the bench behind her, every twisting curve and flexing toned bit of flesh of her body shown off by the black leotard that was like a second skin upon her rather lithe form. It was an old practice suit of hers and it was clear that it no longer fit her too well for it stretched far too tightly over the expansion of her perky chest that jutted against spandex with her perfect posture as well as the curve of her sculpted heart-shaped rear that swayed so rhythmically with her movements. Apparently her chest and backside had filled out more since the last time she had worn the leotard and though it wasn’t all that comfortable Noel was still rather pleased with that knowledge and honestly what young woman wouldn’t be? Bare feet finally met that plastic blue mat and dainty toes of equally dainty feet with nails painted black would wiggle as if to become familiarized with the all too familiar surface once more, greeting a long-lost-friend… metaphorically speaking. Head would drop to let those pretty gold eyes survey the mat in front of her toes, strands of wavy dirty blonde hair which had fallen from the loose elegant bun Noel had tied her long hair into falling to frame her lovely face.

A knee would curl to fluidly bring a long sculpted leg forward to let pointed toes poke into the mat in front of her, toned muscles flexing as the limb was presented beautifully before the rest of her foot met the mat as well and her leg straightened to allow her body to cave in. Thighs clenched and her rear grew taut as Noel bent her body in a fashion that only a gymnast or acrobat could, her stomach curling to meet the front of her thighs as her breasts pushed in just at her knees and her arms wrapped around her legs to hug them tightly. A hiss left pouting lips followed by a stiff groan as Noel held the positio; she was more out of shape then she had originally thought. She released her legs, standing straight and stretching her arms over her head to entwine her long fingers as she arched her back and pushed onto her toes to stretch out her entire body before her leg kicked out to the side and she was brought down into an easy split. She held the split for a moment before she shifted to come onto her hands and curled her knees beneath her, pushing out her rear as she slid forward slowly, her back curling with that ever-present grace as she bent to slide her chest against the mat and pushed back up with her arms to bring her to that hands and knees position once more. She moved slowly and with precision, her eyes remaining closed as her face took on a dreamy expression, seeming to love the way her body curled and her muscles flexed with the strain and yet she was somehow able to move so naturally, so fluidly, so beautifully.

It was just a bit of stretching, nothing too extreme yet the flexibility it took was surely something to be admired or even envied and the sensuality with which her body curled and twisted might even be something to be desired. Again Noel had moved her body into a split, this time with one of those fit curvy limbs in front of her and other resting behind her, allowing her to once again bend her upper body forward and bring it on top of her leg. This time she held the position, laying her body against her leg as her arms stretched to let the tips of her fingers with their black painted nails meet the tips of her toes. Most would certainly be pained by the position, but Noel seemed anything but, looking very relaxed and almost serene as she simply laid there with her eyes closed, lost in her own private thoughts as she remembered just how much she had loved to stretch her body out upon these mats. “You’re such a show off.” Her past spoke to her in a recognizable voice only she could hear.

“Only the truly awesome can show off.” Noel would say aloud in a gentle, taunting voice that she was fairly certain would only touch her ears and the walls of the large gymnasium.
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Forever Gone, Never Forgotten
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