In the City and surrounding areas of Sagaku the nightmare of many has come to life. The Earths final remaining survivors strive to survive in a morbid world where the dead walk the streets and the living struggle to live on...
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PostSubject: Sparky   Mon Jun 09, 2008 4:48 am

Name: Sparky Graves (Uncomfirmed, most likely fake)

Nickname: Tha Sparksta!

Age: 14

Sex: Male

Location Before the outbreak : Pagosa Springs

Occupation: Student, Track Athlete, Hunter

Living Family/Friends: Bishop

Short History: Sparky was his nickname after entering junior high, and he essentially made that his name for the rest of his life, it was something that stuck with him so perfectly. He could be so full of energy, so terribly funny, and so serious at the same time. He displayed an ease within the system, getting good grades, working out lightly, but, loathing every minute he sat stuck inside a classroom: wanting to be out with his friends, maybe getting baked with his sister, or trying to go out with the girl of his dreams. He seemed to be a pillar of emotional stability by his friends, joking with them even as they fucked with him, smiling and laughing: he couldn't even bear the thought fo thinking that one of them would lie to him, steal from him, and even toy with his heart. And that she did, leaving him by the summer before 9th grade a slight emotional wreck. He found it harder and harder to control himself, even when he was around those which he loved. Eventually, however, he found something out: whilst airsofting with his friends, he had developed a spacial awareness. Now, at the time, he couldn't control it, only being able to detect within a meter of his self, he began to train and hone this, keeping it to himself. Eventually, he went to a gun store in Albequerque and commited a large-scale theft, and the only evidence that he was ever there was that a Desert Eagle Mk. XIX was stolen, along with 1000 rounds of .50AE, .44, and .357 ammunition. He kept his pistol to himself, and not even his father had known about it. His emotional stability faltered incredibly twice over that summer, nearly attempting suicide but finding uselessness in his death, so, he began pushing himself harder than one could imagine, including a time of 4:32:98 for running a mile. He began hard-core airsofting, and he even beat a U.S. Army team with kids from his hometown. This granted him a few things: The military was looking into him, finding interest in this child. They eventually placed his team up against DEVGRU, and his team won. The entire Counter-Terrorism community were amazed, and it got to the point that an invitation to play a few rounds with the British S.A.S. was offered. He took it, however, with a much different plan. The night before the game, he once more commited a large theft, stealing an H&K G36E from the armory and leaving with 10,000 rounds of ammunition. How he left the country was unknown, but he found himself in Chernobyl. The place had become a hot-spot for terrorist activity, and the boy sent a small report to the S.A.S. They were shocked slightly, finding out that the kid who had jumped off an oppurtunity in the military that would be unprecedented. The report was sent to RAINBOW, and eventually, Bishop and Kacy found there ways to the site. After a few days of recon, they made contact with their informant, and he told them that something was going on. During that time he had spent by himself, monitering the place who had upped acitvitiy. There was something wrong, that was sure as hell true, but, there was something else going on. Roughly five hours before the virus outbreak was confirmed, Echo Team was sent in, however, for some reason, Sparky, Bishop, and Kacy were the only survivors. While there, the boy picked up a few guns, including a Franchi SPAS-12 with a broken gas system. Just as everything went to hell, he was extracted and found his way to Sagaku, one of the few places left in the world with confirmed radio chatter. Eventually, he found himself running distraction for Bishop.

Weapons: M2000 Dogtagger Daggers sheathed outside his jeans on a Gunbelt.
Chrome Desert Eagle in .50AE w/ Illuminated Sights, ergonomic handgrip(Not displayed)
H&K G36E w/ 3x export scope w/ tritium illumination, semi-auto-2 round burst-auto firing selector, custom illuminated back-up sights

Current Location: Sagaku

Anything Else: Sparky's mind operates at roughly 40% capacity, and most of it is actually monitoring the world around him and giving him the 'sixth-sense' of spatial awareness. Aside from that, he is an expert at using nearly any firearm(Thanks to his airsofting skills.) He is a perfectly capable archer(Thanks to genetic memory: his mother's side of the family were keepers of forests for royalty). He is not exactly the most emotionally stable person, but, he can give off the feel of being perfectly fine after having dealt with the pain of not being able to say what he wants to those who he wants so badly.

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PostSubject: Re: Sparky   Thu Jun 12, 2008 3:53 pm

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