In the City and surrounding areas of Sagaku the nightmare of many has come to life. The Earths final remaining survivors strive to survive in a morbid world where the dead walk the streets and the living struggle to live on...
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 Nicholas Wolfe Room: 134 - Another day in the city.

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PostSubject: Nicholas Wolfe Room: 134 - Another day in the city.   Sat Jun 14, 2008 2:59 am

... The vision had continued through each night waking up from the nightmares all along. He was within his apartment waking up to another nightmare... The sweat covered his facial expression fear within his own eye's. He quickly sat up with each movement his breathing had increased "Why me?" He asked himself as he sighed once more it was afternoon around thirteen hundred. The black boxers wrapped around his waist along with a pair of white socks... This was his attire for the moment. Revenge! Everyone he cared for had been dead for the last couple of months. His head soon ached from drinking last night... The hangover slowly slipping through his thoughts. Shifting his body as he sat along the bes side he started to think... Through the pain and hunger the light rumble soon echoed the bedroom.

Since he left this is the first time living alone... another sigh escaped his lips as he picked up his pack of cigarettes. Opening it he pulled one out and tossed it to the night stand switching to the bic lighter he had recently found it flicked it as it soon lit. Leaning down it lit the end as he slowly inhales the smoke the faint smile curling around his lips as he let go and set the lighter aside "Hm. Wonder what's going on today?" He asked himself as he finally got out of bed. His feet dragging across the carpet slowly walking into the small hallway and soon into his own living room. His supplies were running low -This is lame... Need to get more supplies from the base- He thought as he nodded. His dark brown hair was shaggy as he ran his fingers through it, his hazel hues looking around the living room and kitchen area.

The thoughts continued to run through his mind... Slowly thinking -My dirt bike... Won't do it- He sighed once more to take another drag of his cigarette. Pulling it away from his lips he set it in the ash tray turning around he headed back into his room pulling out a pair of baggy blue jeans he slipped them over his legs and soon up to his waist... Slightly sagging he continued to get dress reaching into his closet once again to pull out a black t-shirt. Across the chest was the Punisher symbol his hazel hues scanned the bedroom floor "Where did I set them?" He asked himself, he was looking for his combat boots. Once found he sat along his bed the soft sigh escaping his lips as he slipped each one on... tieing them tightly as he slipped the bottom of the pants over them.

Standing back up he grabbed the day pack, it was slightly empty yet full at the same time... Shoving a few arrows into the built in quiver along with his Ipod into the built in pocket the metal wiring for it slipped through the mesh. The large headphones wrapped around his neck silent as he saved the battery slipping his hands into his jacket pockets he soon headed out, locking the door behind him he let a soft yawn out. His compound bow was attached to his day pack with each step his pack bounced against his own back. Pulling out his pack of cigarettes he placed one between his lips... Waiting until he got outside he played with the zippo lighter between his fingers.

His apartment number was one thirty - four being on the first floor he soon lit the end as he took the first drag. His left arm pushing the door open which lead to the actual streets of the city, quickly he blocked the bright light with his arm "Shit..." He cursed out as he grew to the lighting and continued walking to his dirt bike. It was old... But it got him to his destination "Well... It's time to trade you in" He nodded as he took another drag... The smoke ex-hailing into the soft gentle breeze around him.
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Nicholas Wolfe Room: 134 - Another day in the city.
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