In the City and surrounding areas of Sagaku the nightmare of many has come to life. The Earths final remaining survivors strive to survive in a morbid world where the dead walk the streets and the living struggle to live on...
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 Outbreak part 2

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PostSubject: Outbreak part 2   Sat Jun 07, 2008 1:04 am

"Savage, we must escape or hide from the zeds!"

"No, they must all burn! I have to destroy every last one! Van, get out of my head!"

"We are one Savage. you can not get rid of me as I can't get rid of you."

"No, you are to weak to destroy the very side of you that strives for survival! Don't make yourself feel superior when you know it was I who got us out of there. All of those damn doctors, those other mental bastards all became one of them! If it wasn't for me, we would have never got out of there being human!"

" comment."

"Not talking huh? Well I enjoyed burning that hospital down with my own hands! Oh, their screams soothed me as I saw those corpses turn to burning ashes. I can't wait to raise Hell in this city! This will be a monumental moment for all of mankind when we have to resort to destroying our own kind! Let the cleansing begin!"

Van takes a deep breathe and zips up the backpack putting it on. He goes to the counter grabbing a few lighters stuffing four into his front left pocket. He walks out of the store seeing a few walkers heading towards him. "Damn zeds are everywhere!" Drawing out both blades. "Here's Van!" with a deranged voice. He goes to two of the zeds swinging his scythe cutting off their heads. Their bodies fell to the floor with blood flowing through their necks. He turns to the others with a small snap in his neck. Van walks steadily to the remaining zeds with a devilish smile. "I'll make sure every last one of you goes to hell and stays in there!" He swings up cutting the middle one's face in half with the scythe. Its skull splits open having its brains fall out. It gawks for a moment until Van takes two steps forward slightly to the right decapitating its head off with the sword. He runs to the one to the right gliding his scythe slitting its neck until fully decapitated. Van goes to the last one bringing down his sword onto its left shoulder. He sticks the scythe into its torso. The blade stops half way in as it grunts looking at him. He swings high with the sword cutting the upper half of its head off. Its arms fall to its sides. Van shoves the blade into its chest yanking out the scythe. He pulls the sword out hearing thunder clouds.

"Its about to rain! This will make it easier to run right past them if I by chance bump into them." Van runs down the street seeing a Aprilia R Factory motorcycle. It is a solid black paint with some minor damage to the body. Looks like whoever was riding it at the time got attacked and fell off the bike as it slid into a wall. Does it have any gas? He checks gas meter reading empty. Is there a near by gas station? Van looks down the street seeing one three blocks down. He grabs the bike pulling it up to stand on its wheels. He pushes it to the gas station. Shortly after, Van sees shadows coming from his right and left down when crossing the intersection. Van begins to wonder if they see him. They don't seem to respond to his movement so the rain maybe to dense for them to clearly see him. Now two blocks to go, he is getting tense from the thought of being surrounded.

"Damn it Van, since you are so weak. I'm being affected by your anxiety!"

Van reaches the gas station noticing that he could very well be surrounded by zeds. Well, at least there is a chance of being a big bang in the end. He pushes the bike to one of the pumps and opens the gas cap. He picks up the gas hose squeezing the trigger to see if any gas comes out. Nothing comes out, he walks inside the store carefully to see if anything inhuman is inside. Nothing seems to move inside, Van walks behind the counter to get to the register. He looks at the keypad pressing a few buttons activating the pump. He hurries outside getting to the pump grabbing the hose putting gas into the bike. Filling up the tank, he closes the gas tank. He gets one of the buckets next to the pump filling it with gas. He holds the bucket pouring it in a straight line to create a trap. "This will stop this for awhile!" Soon after, the rain stops and the howling begins. What perfect timing. Van opens his backpack getting one of the shirts. He tears off a piece and puts the rest of it back in the bag. He lights the piece of cloth and throws it on the gasoline. It lights on fire spreading from one end to another. On the other side of the fire, there are seven runners coming at him. Van runs to the bike turning the ignition as it comes to a hum. He burns out leaving the runners behind.
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Outbreak part 2
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